The below offers a profile to the key talents behind Limits Unleashed’s content and presentations.

Sir Vice

Sir Vice is an active supporting member of the BDSM community with 12+ years’ experience. He offers lifestyle education through his website,  Sir Vice has presented at a variety of public speaking forums and events ranging from training classes and trade shows to top executives at Fortune 500 businesses. His seasoned experience allows him to successfully engage his audience – delivering classes effectively, consistently, with enthusiasm and patience.  A strong proponent of responsible and consensual exploration, Sir Vice engages with organizations such as NCSF, TES, MAsT, NEELA, and many others to speak on various lifestyle topics.  In his personal time he enjoys practicing martial arts, hiking, playing music, gaming, and furthering his study of psychology, behaviorism, physiology, and a variety of eccentric subjects.


soumise brings her lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people with her into the BDSM lifestyle.  A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, soumise has spent her 30 year career blending for the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise.  She creates and presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects across the US and abroad.   Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training other instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with His business, Limits Unleashed.  With her Master’s encouragement, soumise has been enjoying the integration of her professional interests with her lifestyle training and experiences.