Brimstone V

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Event Details

We’re very pleased to announce we’ve been selected to present at Brimstone V.  While the schedule is still being established, we have confirmation for the following classes:

  • Community Leaders Round Table
  • Fogging from the ground up
  • Fear of Asking in submissives
  • Impact From the Ground Up
  • Negotiations (w/ Mystic Storm)


What is Brimstone?

Brimstone is a pansexual non-profit alternative sexualities event, open to all ALT communities – Het, Gay, queer, pony, ageplay, D/s. D/s, SM, BD, Cosplay and more.  This year will be our 15th community event, the fifth under the “Brimstone” Banner. As always it’s a nonprofit event, run by members of the community not by some commercial entity.  Unlike the last three Brimstones, we won’t be on the Jersey Shore this time – but we will be at a very scene friendly hotel in Central Jersey that’s easy to get to and has all the facilities we need.  And of course, the Kinkster’s Spanksgiving Dinner! It’s not actually part of the event, but many people come down early to enjoy a fine meal with all their scene friends and get the weekend off to a fine start.

It’s a great way to meet people who are into what you’ re into, have fun, learn new skills and just cut loose !

This is our fifth Brimstone, and they’re getting more fun every year! This year we have more participating groups and a whole new hotel to play in! If you want to ask questions or find out more about us, visit our Fetlife group.