SSASE: Self Care for Fetish Fashionistas

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SSASE: Soft Smiles Association for Submissive Education

Featured Presentation: Self Care for Fetish Fashionistas

June 19, 2017 - NYC, NY 

What really happens to your body in a corset or stilettos?  Over 100 muscles in the body change the way they work as soon as we put on a pair of heels, never mind when we have that corset cinched!  Learn what you can do before and after your time in your favourite heels or corset to minimize long-term effects on your body, as well as make your time in your best outfit feel as great as you look.  Exercises to prevent issues, relieve tension and restore natural biomechanics will be taught.  Please wear something you will be comfortable moving in, bring or wear a pair of socks and bring a tennis or rubber pinky ball with you if you have one.

SSASE NYC is located in New York, NY.

This is the website for the Soft Smiles Association for Submissive Education—SSASE (Pronounced “sassy”) for short. Our goal is to provide welcoming, fun, and educational events for submissive or other “s-type” women. Our wish is to provide a safe place for women to build supportive friendships, fully embrace who they are, and to grow in their personal journeys.

  1. Be kind. This is intended to be a supportive atmosphere.
  2. SSASE is for FEMALE s-types. Sorry, guys, this group and its events are not for you! (Unless you’re invited as a guest by a member) There are plenty of other options out there for you! *Trans women are of course welcome to attend our events. If you have any questions, please contact us!
  3. SSASE is for female S-TYPES who identify as submissive, slave, bottom, pet, baby girl, etc. Switches are welcome; we simply ask that you be respectful of the intention of the group.  Sorry, Dom(mes), Tops, Masters, and other D-types—the majority of our events are not for you.