TES DM/sw SIG: Overcoming Obstacles Roundtable

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TES DM/sw SIG: Overcoming Obstacles Roundtable

7:30 PM –10:00 PM  @ TRS, Inc.

27 Williams Street (3rd Floor), New York, NY, United States

TES is a not-for-profit BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Leather group dedicated to the social interaction, educational exchange, and ever-changing diversity of our community.  The Dominant Men / submissive women Special Interest Group (DM/sw SIG) was created to support and explore the ideas and needs of Dominant Men and submissive women who are looking to explore, discuss and understand their kinky interests. This group includes men and women engaged in Master/slave, Owner/property and other such power exchange relationships.  The focus of this session will be a round-table discussion with community leaders and participants on obstacles and challenges in D/s relationships and looking at tools and methods to overcome them.