Our class and workshop offerings appear below. All topics are intended to be given at events or speaking engagements with the goal of educating those exploring kink, BDSM, and power exchange lifestyles. Topics are designed for an approximately 90 min long presentation, which can be modified for either brevity or more in-depth exploration and increased practical exercises.

If you have questions as to any of the below, or would like to see a workshop developed for your group or event, please contact us by sending an email and we’ll do our best to address your needs as promptly as possible.

  • Classes are designed to be given at fetish and kink events, community groups, colleges, and similar venues
  • Most topics are designed for a duration of approximately 90 min
  • Some classes may note space requirements for full participation
  • Our presentations are professionally crafted; access to a projector & screen is preferred if possible (HDMI or VGA).
  • All Classes can be tailored to accommodate a broad range of audience, time and facility concerns
  • Speaker notes will be made available upon request and sent via email or provided as handouts



Topic Tracks

Topics are organized by subject matter tracks, which emphasizes the common theme of the presentations.

Power Exchange

The Power Exchange track is about exploring elements of power and control in Dominance and submission.  Appropriate whether your goal is a long-term TPE relationship as Master or Mistress and slave, or wish to gain a deeper understanding behind the theory and practice of power exchange in play and short-term interactions.

Communication & Connection

The Communication & Connection track addresses the root of all relationships, be they kink or vanilla, short or long term.  All interpersonal interaction has its foundation, and often will live or die by how we connect to the other through how we communicate.  These workshops are a good fit for improving how you connect, develop rapport, and communicate with others – especially your partner/s.

Lifestyle Techniques & Tips

Designed to be practical, the Lifestyle hacks track is designed to provide new skills with ideas to improve our play; use of tools, toys and gear; and managing relationships in BDSM and alternative lifestyles.  These workshops and moderated discussions will examine frequent challenges in how we manage our lifestyle including balancing kink versus vanilla life, tricks for play, designing & running a scene, toys and tool use, etc.

Mindfulness & Awareness

The Mindfulness & Awareness track aims to improve our sense of self awareness and understanding elements of human behavior.  If you want to gain a deeper appreciation for yourself, or how others behave, these workshops will provide significant insight into the how’s and whys of people and our motives, drivers & fears, and our reactions or response choices.

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness track examines how we can better manage our overall welfare, especially when engaging in risky activities.  Focus of these workshops is often on increased awareness of physical risks, avoid injury, how to enhance healing after play, or work around potential health limitations.

Power Exchange; from the submissive

All too often it seems most presentations are given by Dominants or Switches, but what about the expertise and experiences from the submissives direct perspective?  This track puts Sir Vices submissive, soumise, up on center state to share her wisdom and expertise.


Workshop Abstracts

Power Exchange Track

Control with Denial and Delay

Artfully applied control is really at the heart of total power exchange (TPE) relationship dynamics.  This session will explore the ways denial can be used specifically to reinforce control in the dynamic without becoming damaging to the relationship.

Correction, Discipline & Punishment

This workshop will break down the differences between correction, discipline, punishment and “funishment”, as well as look at how humiliation may fit in.  With exercises and participant discussion, discover why what works as punishment for one person might be fun or play for another.  Learn how to create effective strategies that meet the needs of you and your partner(s).  No partner is needed for this workshop.

Exploring Power Exchange (AKA: D/s and M/s 101)

Power exchange dynamics covers a spectrum of options from everyday casual interactions to simple play and long-term relationships.   This workshop will increase understanding of the presence and use of power exchange in casual and enduring relationships, in speech and body language, and how it plays in psycho-emotional experiences.  Partners are welcome but not required.

Fear of Asking in submissives

Based on one of our most popular articles on Fetlife and the web, this workshop explores how making requests, asking, begging, and even using safe words can be one of the most difficult challenges for a submissive or slave.  More importantly, we take a deeper look at key motives for these challenges, and how to overcome them.


What it is Ownership, why do some seek or crave it, and what does it imply?  In the BDSM lifestyle, D/s relationships often work towards developing a sense of ownership for a variety of reasons important to the Dominant and submissive.  This class will explore the concept of ownership, the emotional draw and consequences, and how to fostering a sense of ownership emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Power Exchange as Mutual Giving

When we choose to develop a connection and have adequately defined it, all parties must feed it so that it remains healthy, living, and vital.   It cannot be understated how important that all parties are giving according to their nature to create something healthy, balanced, and that grows and matures so all involved may benefit from it.  This workshop will explore the activities in power exchange dynamics in the lifestyle, and how can we be more aware of how we engage the other as part of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Protocols 1 – Foundations

Protocols are a common feature in power exchange relationships. This workshop reviews how they are used to build and maintain a strong household and relationship with your submissive or slave. Explore how daily habits, rules, and forms can train, educate, and promote a strong sense of wellbeing, ownership, and commitment.

Protocols 2 – Charm School

You want a sub or slave who represents you well.  This class is designed to give both D & s-types ideas and exercises to use as part of the training process.  If you are looking to take service and power exchange to next level with class and style, this is for you.  This workshop continues from the prior Protocols class and focuses on refinement of foundations in service, demeanor, and elements of High Protocol.

Postures for slaves & subs

Often part of a TPE (total power exchange) relationship is training the submissive in the use of postures and positions that reinforce a submissive attitude or relationship to their Dominant. This includes various types of kneeling, sitting, laying, standing, and walking.  For those that wish to actively participate, it’s suggested you wear appropriate clothes or those that allow for full range of movement such as yoga or sweat pants.  Interactive:  class requires space for participants to practice a variety of techniques; floor mats or beach towels would be ideal.


The use of certain rituals in power exchange relationship is a very personal choice. This class explores the inner workings of ritual, how they work, how to put them to use, and how to create your own. In-depth review of ritual structure, planning, training, and example rituals including Ritual of Transition, Collaring, Release, Daily Mantras, etc.

Submission & Faith

How do we view someone’s faith in another and develop trust in submission?  Trust can’t always be earned, for there must be a start, an initial extension of trust without proof.  That’s where a personal sense of faith comes in, through that moment to choose to trust.  In this session we explore these concepts with submission as choice, as gift, as expression of trust, a result of training, etc.

Training your Slave

This workshop provides a very practical look at slave training in M/s relationships.  Regardless of your living situations, gender or sexual preferences, there are any number of assignments and training processes that often occur in any power exchange relationship.  Specifically targeted to those looking to explore power exchange as Master, Mistress, or Owner and their slave(s), we will cover a variety of skills including negotiation, self-discovery, personal assignments and tasks, and behavioral conditioning methods.


Lifestyle Techniques & Tips Track

Designing a Scene

A scene can have many purposes, and as such the variety in a given scene can be highly diverse.  Looking for a soothing sensual experience, primal and animalistic, artistic and creative, or lustfully indulgent?  This is a discussion suitable for all to generate ideas regarding designing and setting up a scene to go with your intent, your ideas. We’ll address elements like planning, sensory engagement, environment, connection, direction, pacing, transitions and adjusting.

Flogging from the Ground Up

Improve your flogging technique by learning how to use ground force and the kinetic chain.  This class will teach you single and double (Florentine) flogging techniques to significantly improve endurance and force.  Be prepared with practical exercises and bring your floggers with you.  Partners are not required, but would be helpful.   Interactive: class requires space for participants to practice a variety of techniques.

Going Primal

Get your blood pumping and your heart racing as we explore the intensity of Primal as both play and state of being.  Understand why it Primal play produces such intensity, how it impacts us physically and emotionally, and techniques to make your engagement more dynamic and enjoyable.   We’ll talk about engaging the primitive mind, elements of D/s and the Hunter/Prey model, and stimulating the visceral and sensual experience.    Interactive: class requires space for participants to practice a variety of techniques.

Impact from the Ground Up

The best toys in your toy box are free, and you have them with you all of the time.  Explore the variety of options your arms, hands, and body give you in impact activities. We’ll show you some new techniques to try in your next play session that can give you more Umph with less effort and exhaustion.  The class will consist of a discussion about the benefits of using different parts in different manners to create the effect you desire. Includes a demonstration of the techniques and then supervised practice exercises to help you gain some familiarity with the material.   Interactive: requires space for attendees to practice with a partner. Wrestling/take-down mats helpful if available.

Power of the Pause

Sometimes more can be too much; from pain thresholds to overstimulation, our bodies and brains need a break! Learn how to use the principles of delay, silence, white space, and inaction can intensify your play and increase pleasure.  Interactive exercises will help you to learn tactics and tools that resonate for you and that can be applied in both short and long term relationships.  Because it’s not about getting off, its about staying on!  Partners are helpful for some of the exercises, but not required.

Pressure Points & Joint Locks

Whether you enjoy physical control, pain-play, take-downs, or primal, knowing where and how to place force can make all the difference.  This workshop will be an interactive partnered session to review the use of pressure points and joint locks to create maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Use it for subtle purposes to “insist” on obedience, to intensify play experiences, or to create situational predicaments.  Definitely for those that enjoy torturing (or being tortured by) their partners.   Interactive: class requires space for attendees to practice with a partner. Wrestling/take-down mats helpful if available, or modified if unavailable.

Psychological Warfare – Humiliation in Punishment

Humiliation has several purposes, but this is not for those that enjoy it.  This workshop goes right for the throat by exploring ways to torture your submissive for punishment or personal enjoyment.  We’ll dive into active anxiety, creative catastophy, disabling dilemmas, and more.  For the ethically evil, creatively chaotic, and mischievously minded – and their adoring victims.

Sexual Objectification & Training

There are lots of ways to enjoy the benefits of sexual objectification training.  You can see it as part of the bimbo/fucktoy subculture, as a sex slave, as a sexual party favor, even in Primal Dominance/submission. There’s far more of course, and we’ll discuss how it works, the draw to it, possible benefits & risks, and some methods of training and conditioning in sexual objectification.  Discussion includes modes of dress and language, desire simulation, orgasm control, on-demand training, tools & toys, and general mischievous creativity!


Communication & Connection Track

BDSM Social Etiquette

New to BDSM, its culture, its events?   Confused by social cues, customs, and unspoken rules?   Come join us for a workshop on how to mix, mingle, and socialize without faux pas and (unnecessary) pain.  Understand what influences our culture, expectations, and modes of interaction.  The goal is to help you interact without offending, minimize drama, and preserve both dignity and respect of all involved.  Meant to be participant interactive with questions encouraged!

Balancing Act

Living the lifestyle requires balancing the demands of real life and the desires within the relationship.  There are always competing demands on our time, resources, attention, and focus. This discussion will look at ways to think about our roles, dynamics, and competing priorities and help resolve conflicts between them.

Connection Fundamentals

The nature of connection varies between any two people, for any purpose, for any duration in time – yet is still a relationship.  All relationships involve an exchange, which is often built on our presumptions of context, need, value, and form.  It is imperative that we move away from presumptions and become more proactive in exploring and consciously defining the type of connection we are creating.  This workshop will discuss the nature of Connection; provide tips in becoming more aware of the connections we are making, and exercises to improve connection with others.

Effective Communication

A huge key to a happy & successful life in how we communicate. As social creatures, our ability to interact with and understand others is paramount to working within any society or community.  This workshop explores effective communication techniques, building communication skills, non-violent communication, and working to improve key challenges you may be experiencing.  Partners not required.

Exercises in Touch & Connection

We all recognize the power of touch is important, but we often default to familiar ways of touching without realizing all the options available to us, how they affect us differently and how to use them.  This powerful workshop will examine different modes of touch to communicate, listen, and “color” the exchange.  Interactive: partners not required but preferred; can be adjusted for spontaneous pairing.

Negotiation & Consent 101

We often think about consent as giving our Yes or No to someone, but how do you get there?  This workshop focuses on the nature and art of Negotiation as a collaborative effort between parties with a focus on creating the best experiences and relationship for happiness and satisfaction.

Negotiation Skills 201

Critical to the BDSM lifestyle is our ability to negotiate scenes and elements in our relationships.  Expressing our desires and limits, their degrees and possible consequences is important to building a foundation of trust and understanding between parties. This workshop is a practical skills development class designed to improve your ability to negotiate a scene.  Partners not required.


Mindfulness & Awareness Track

Aftercare for All

Aftercare is often discussed as a need many bottoms or subs have after a scene, but often leaves out the needs of the Top or Dom.  This workshop explores how everyone should address aftercare for all of those involved. We examine what occurs in our body & mind, and the many ways experiences may differ from person to person.  Partners not required.

Embracing Vulnerability

The greatest challenge we face daily is acknowledging and understanding the influence of our Fears.  It is widely acknowledged that the vast majority of our pain and trauma is how we experience fear, and in turn is reflected in our behavior and attitudes.  This talk will discuss the concept of vulnerability, how we can disarm much of its influence by learning to acknowledge it, and how to address vulnerability for better decisions and actions.

Motives – Your Inner Aspects

Each of us has something that drives us to act, to respond, to reach out or withdraw.   Each of us is influenced by a variety of inner forces with respective needs, wants, and fears.  This workshop will help you to put a name & voice to these forces, understand them, and thereby get a better understanding of what motivates us in our interactions and relationships.  Participant interactive with practical exercises.

Personal Core Principles

Our world view and principles often defines how we see and interact with the world.  We use these often without knowing it, impacting how we set limits; conduct relationships; and engage in everyday decision making. This workshop uses a series of short exercises to help you to explore and learn more about your internal compass and what influences your decisions.  No partner is needed for this workshop.

Roundtable – Ugly Secrets

No matter what side of the slash you may be on, we are all facing battles others often know little about.  Trying to keep ourselves confident, healthy and balanced isn’t always as easy feat.  Life always seems to present challenges and stresses no matter where we go, and we must rise to the occasion each time.  This talk shares how we can manage a healthy relationship dynamic while balancing the reality of our resources, emotional state, and the difficulties.  Moderated Group Discussion.

Time to Adult

We all want what we want, when we want it, in any way it can be had.  However, real life doesn’t work that way.  Yet it’s all around us in TV programming and social media: the focus on instant gratification, short attention spans, a sense of entitlement, and the “tantrums” displayed when things don’t go our way.  This workshop will show how “behaving badly” is a part of a trend that undermines our relationships, reputation, and happiness. We will examine some easily identifiable traits, how to resist its lure, and how to improve our relationships at work and play.  Highly recommended for submissives facing the rising brat or resistance within themselves.

Improving Emotional Intelligence (3-Part Intensive Series)

We have connections with others all around us in work and play, family and friends, and of course our partners and lovers.  These connections are kept alive by investing of ourselves in them, and in turn also receive.  Sometimes the nature of the exchange is simple, other times more complex.  Always, however, there are times of challenge that bring up strong emotions that can be confusing and even invisible to us.  This series of workshops will examine the internal workings common to most so that we may develop greater awareness in how we engage ourselves and others by becoming more mindful of these internal forces which impact us.

Pt1 – Commitment Changes Everything (60m)

When we think of the word commitment, most readily leap to the association of long term relationships.  However, commitment can be in the moment from a blink of the eye to spanning decades.  This workshop will discuss the nature of commitment, what stops us, and how to better empower your decisions, actions, and get the response you’re looking for.

Pt2 – React or Respond (60min)

At a given any situation, we are presented with a moment where we just react, without time to deliberate.  But is this really the case??  This workshop will explore the emotional illusion of time, and improve our chances to make the right decision, versus how we might reflexively react, in the hopes of producing better outcomes.

Pt3 – Reality of Consequence (60min)

Far too often, a problem in communication results in defending yourself with “but that’s not what I meant”.  The purpose of this workshop is to examine how all action may start with the best Intent, but needs to accept the reality of unintended Consequences.  We will discuss tools that can help you quickly accept that what you intended isn’t necessarily the most important thing, seeing the consequence, and managing the outcome.


Health and Wellness Track

Bondage and Floggers and BearClaws – Oh My

They feel good, but why?  Beyond the neurochemicals that are released during these activities, bondage, impact and sensation activities stimulate the “Cinderella” tissue in your body – fascia – and this stimulation creates a bunch of physiological reactions that can affect your body in a variety of ways.  This same tissue can also be responsible for some of the symptoms of sub and Dom drop and we’ll talk about that too. After covering a basic explanation of fascia, this workshop will explore different BDSM based ways to stimulate the fascial system to improve its function and recovery.  Stimulation happens for both the Top and the bottom depending on the activity.  What’s in it for me??? you might be asking.  Healthy fascia is important for mobility, breathing, relief from back pain (as well as other aches and pains), proper pelvic floor function (think good sex for all genders) and it ties into your nervous and immune systems (among others).

Holding Your Breath – How a Series of Breathing Exercises can Train Your Core and Improve Your Sex Life

Learn a simple series of exercises which will help reduce your waist, increase your lung capacity, promote optimal function of the core muscles, and heighten sexual pleasure.  Find out how your pelvic floor, diaphragm and abdominals all influence each other, your general well being and enjoyment.  What happens when they are working well and what goes wrong when they aren’t playing nicely together.  (Hint – some of the problems can be incontinence, back pain, painful intercourse, hernia, restricted movement, prolapses and more).  The workshop will start with some quick assessments to see what is currently happening in your body and then work through the exercise series.  Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving in and it is helpful to be able to see from the V of the ribcage to the hip bones.  Some of the work is done with a partner providing feedback but can be done without needing physical contact.

Heat or Ice or ????

The sensations of heat and ice can be quite a thrill when used in play, but are they really helpful for aches and pains afterwards?  Is RICE really the best strategy for an injury?  What happens when you use that heating pad on your sore muscles?  Learn what hundreds of research studies are showing to be the most effective way to help your body heal itself from the stresses of everyday and play.  Who knows, learning the physiological effects of heat and ice might even give you some new ideas on how to incorporate them into your play.

Playing When Health is a Hard Limit

Your mind wants to play, but your body isn’t always cooperating the way you want it to.

How can you bring the excitement back without risking your long term health and wellbeing?  Whether you or a partner are dealing with chronic pain, neurological challenges, are a breast cancer survivor or are just not moving the same way you used to, this workshop will give you some new ideas and perspectives.  Play topics will be focused primarily around impact, bondage and sensation topics.  Specific challenges / limitations covered will be determined by the input of the class.

Self Care for Fetish Fashionistas

What really happens to your body in a corset or stilettos?  Over 100 muscles in the body change the way they work as soon as we put on a pair of heels, never mind when we have that corset cinched!  Learn what you can do before and after your time in your favourite heels or corset to minimize long-term effects on your body, as well as make your time in your best outfit feel as great as you look.  Exercises to prevent issues, relieve tension and restore natural biomechanics will be taught.  Please wear something you will be comfortable moving in, bring or wear a pair of socks and bring a tennis or rubber pinky ball with you if you have one.

SITuational Play

What to do when one partner needs to be seated due to health or physical limitations. Sometimes this means a partner is in a wheelchair, other times having a person playing seated can be helpful to those with joint problems, balance issues, or for people who need to use assistive mobility devices.  This class will look at options primarily for impact and sensation play.  Variations for both the top and the bottom will be discussed and demonstrated.   Attendees are encouraged to share their challenges if we don’t cover that situation and we look forward to hearing solutions that have worked for you as well.

Stretching Your Limits

Having your ability to move and breathe restricted can be lots of fun when included as part of play, but when your body’s limitations are the cause of the restrictions, it tends to limit your options and cause unintentional pain.  This workshop is designed to teach you how to easily improve your flexibility at key joints, without compromising the body’s structure, stability or increasing your risk of injury.  Exercises from a variety of modalities will be taught to help you expand your body’s movement potential.  A bath size towel is helpful, but not required.  Some exercises will use a partner.  Please wear something you will be comfortable moving and laying on the floor in.

Working Out the Kinks – Flexibility for the Mobility Impaired

Learn an effective and restorative workout for the body with a focus on mindful movement.  Moving from the deepest muscles of the body outward will help you restore range of movement, improve alignment and joint stability while improving strength and neuromuscular connections.  This workout is suitable for participants of a variety of fitness and mobility levels and variations will be suggested to adapt exercises to your personal needs.  Please bring a bath towel and wear something you will be comfortable moving in and bring or wear a pair of socks.


From the submissive

Asking – and Why it’s so Scary

Many submissives have a problem asking for what they need or want.  It took me a long time to be able to do this in my personal life, even though I’ve never had a problem with expressing my needs in my career.  When first entering the D/s lifestyle, I found it even harder to ask for what I needed or wanted because I thought it meant I wasn’t “submissive enough”.  The goal of this workshop is to help you learn more about yourself and your needs and wants and be able to effectively communicate these with your partner.

  • Why we need to be able to ask for what we need and want.
  • When to express these needs to our Dominant or Master for the best outcome.
  • What it is we are really looking for.
  • How to ask.
  • What happens if the answer is No?
  • How to avoid feeling taken advantage of in; or resentful of; the power exchange dynamic.
Baring Your Back(bone) – Strength in Submission

You’re an independent person; smart, competent, driven and oh yeah, submissive.  How can this be?  Strong submissive might seem like an oxymoron, but it can actually work out really well if you let it.  While it can be a challenge at times to maintain your sense of self and still submit, there are many ways to succeed and thrive in a D/s relationship.     Some topics being covered are:

  • What’s the difference between being proactive, service topping, and topping from the bottom?
  • Are you offering your services to your Dominant or Master because you like to serve or is your inner control freak coming out?
  • How to do what is best for your Dominant or Master, even if it’s not what They may want.
  • What happens when you disagree?
  • Are you and your partner a good fit?

Please note that if your ideal dynamic involves being micromanaged, this workshop might not be the best fit for you.

Charm School

What’s a sub or slave to do when trying to “better” themselves, either for a current Dom or Master or when unowned ?  How can we use our “s” tendencies to help us become more focused, proactive and pleasing?  This class will look at common behaviors and how we can make changes to take them to the next level of refinement.  Ideas on how to fine tune appearance, public behavior and communication skills will be covered.   Exercises to help you decide what aspects you would like to change and then some ways to work towards these changes will make the class interactive.  We will also look at the common motivators of personal change – to make ourselves happy, to make someone else happy and / or to attack someone else into our life.

Gift of Imperfection

Are you a submissive or slave who loves to please others?  Do you hate to hurt another person or feel that you’ve displeased them?  Is your internal dialogue comparing yourself or your actions against perfection or just “the best you can do”?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you.  Perfection is a myth and trying to live a myth can be draining at best and destroy your self esteem, relationship and chance of finding happiness at worst.

  • Learn to recognize when your inner voice is setting you up for failure.
  • Translate the negative self-talk into constructive action.
  • How to be the best you can be with the resources you have at hand today.
  • How being honest with yourself and your Dominant / Master about your limits, resources and abilities can be more rewarding than trying survive being the “super sub”.
Pampering Your D or M Type on a Budget

Pam-per – to indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil…Service s-types often are thinking of domestic chores, administrative duties and sexual service as normal parts of their routine and responsibilities of their role in a D/s or M/s relationship.  High Protocol, Formal Tea Service and full service nights (or days or weekends) are lots of fun and help to keep the dynamic alive, but many people don’t have either the time or financial capital to make this a regular occurrence or one that feels new and special.  This class will focus on simple ways that you can pamper your partner in small doses without a large financial or time investment.  Get some fresh ideas on how to fit this kind of service into your relationship.  Learn some new skills to add to your repertoire and jump-start your imagination on new ways to surprise and please your partner.

Power Exchange and Communication Through Ballroom Dance

Learn new communication skills and experience a power exchange at a totally different level while you pick up new moves to show off on the dance floor.  The roles of leader and follower are both of equal importance in a successful partnership, but the responsibilities of each are very different.  Whether you think you have 2 left feet or are ready to appear on “Dancing With the Stars”, you will have fun exploring relationship dynamics and communication through this non-traditional approach.  Partners helpful, but not required.

Slave Postures for Health and Happiness

Slave postures are often part of a power exchange relationship, be it a 24/7 TPE relationship or a way to deepen your connection when things aren’t to that point yet.  For those not currently in a relationship, the postures can be a way to maintain a connection to this side of their personality and provide a kinesthetic sense of structure.  This class will focus on the postures from the point of view of the right side of the slash.  Looking at why the postures foster a submissive mindset and (how they can make you feel downright sexy).  What some of the commonly used postures are and what they represent.  A series of postures will be taught with transitions between each posture.  Practiced in a slow and controlled fashion, this series is a nice workout for your whole body (not to mention mind and soul).  If you would like to participate, wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and if you have movement restrictions a beach or bath towel is suggested for some modifications.

Staying Submissive – Maintaining Your Mindset When Things Go Off Course

It happens to the best of relationships, sometimes the dynamics just get out of whack.  Some people say “life gets in the way”, but if you are trying to maintain a D/s or M/s dynamic, that is a big part of your life, so how do you work around the problems of work demands, financial issues, health complications?   What can you do when your D or M type isn’t able to provide Their emotional / psychological part of the dynamic for a period of time?  Frustrated, depressed, maybe even angry, how can you express your feelings and needs without acting out, lashing at your partner or giving up?  Learn strategies to communicate effectively, assess and maintain your resources, create a support system and recognize and accept your limitations.  Look at your priorities, needs and boundaries and explore if they are in agreement or working against each other.  Share your coping strategies and learn from others.


Other Workshop Topics

Fetish Fashion 101

Platforms, stilettos, ballet boots, corsets and more.  How to decide what to buy, how to wear it and sometimes, how to walk in it.  Why can one pair of 6 inch heels be so much easier to walk in than another pair?  What’s the difference between different styles of corsets and which one is best for you?  What’s the best way to lace a corset?  Comparisons, demonstrations, and hacks to make life more comfortable will be provided.  Have a wardrobe piece you are having a problem with?  Bring it with you and let’s see what options we can figure out.

Connection Through Latin Dance

Latin dance relies on the hands and eye contact for the main conduits of communication between partners.  Because the points of connection are smaller in these dance styles than the smooth ballroom styles, there is a different level of focus and connection between the partners. Leaders will learn to communicate intention and control and followers will improve their abilities to respond and act all while learning some sexy Latin style ballroom dance steps.  Great for those who have never danced as well as those looking for new tricks to intensify their connections.  Partners are helpful but not required



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